Don’t Agree with an MOT Test Result?

You can appeal an MOT test or complain to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you think an MOT test result is wrong.

You can also take your own action against an MOT test centre through Trading Standards, personal legal proceedings or reporting the centre to the police.

The DVSA will not help you take action against a centre.

If your vehicle failed the MOT

Discuss your test result with the MOT test centre before anyone starts repairs. You can then appeal against the result if you still think it’s wrong.

  1. Fill in the MOT complaint form and email it to DVSA within 14 working days of the test.
  2. DVSA will offer you an appointment within 5 days to check your vehicle again. You will need to pay the full test fee again.
  3. You will get some or all of the fee back if your appeal is successful.

Do not have any repairs or replacements made until the appeal process has finished, as it can stop your appeal being investigated.

If your vehicle passed the MOT

If you think your vehicle should have failed, follow these steps.

  1. Fill in the same above MOT complaint form and email it to DVSA within 3 months of the test if it is a corrosion-related problem, or within 28 days for any other defects.
  2. DVSA will offer you an appointment within 5 days to check your vehicle again. You do not need to pay.
  3. You’ll get an inspection report listing any vehicle defects and advisory items.

Ways to send your complaint

By Email
csccomplaints (at)

By post:
The Ellipse 
Padley Road