10 Reasons Why a Motorbike is Refused an MOT Test

In certain circumstances a tester may refuse to test your motorbike.

If before, or even during the test, it cannot be completed for any reason listed below, the test will be stopped, or the motorbike failed.

If you need written confirmation of why the test could not be carried out or completed, the test will be registered and a VT30 form will be issued detailing the reasons why.

What are the reasons for refusing to carry out an MOT test?

1. The logbook / registration certificate or other evidence of the date of first use is not shown.

2. The motorbike or part or equipment on the bike is so dirty that examination is too difficult.

3. The motorbike could not be driven to complete the test because of a lack of petrol, oil, or for any other reason.

4. The tester will consider any load on the motorbike which would prevent a proper test being carried out, unless the load is secured or removed.

5. The MOT testing station has asked for the fee to be paid in advance and this has not been done.

6. The motorcycle emits too much unnecessary smoke.

7. A proper examination can not be carried out because the fuel cap or other devices made to be opened cannot be easily opened.

8. The condition of the motorbike is, in the testers opinion, a danger to person, property or motorbike if placed under examination..

9. The motorbike does not have a registration mark or VIN, chassis number or frame number to identify it, or the identification is hard to read and/or uses letters/numbers not recognised in the English language.

10. The motorbike is not of a class authorised to be tested by the testing station or because of its size, weight or configuration it cannot be safely tested on the premises.