What is SORN?

What is SORN?

SORN is short for ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’

When would you need to make SORN?

When you take your vehicle off the road, so as to stop taxing and insuring it.

What would be considered ‘off the road’?

This is when a vehicle is not used or kept on a public road, for example if its kept on your drive, garage or on private land.

When is it compulsory to make SORN?

– You want to break a vehicle down for parts before it is scrapped.
– The vehicle is not taxed.
– The vehicle is not insured.
– You have a vehicle that you want to keep off road.

What if my vehicle is off road and I do not have SORN?

You must insure and tax your vehicle, otherwise you will be fined for an uninsured vehicle and also fined for failure to not having SORN.

Can I still drive my vehicle on a public road with SORN?

You are only allowed on a public road if you are going to have an MOT test and are driving your vehicle to a testing station. For any other reason you will face a fine and possible court prosecution.

How soon does SORN start?

– Immediately if you use your V5C reference to apply online or by phone.
– On the date you write on the form if you applied by post.
– On the first day of the next month if you used your V11 reference and applied online or by phone.

When does SORN end?

Your SORN is automatically cancelled once you tax your vehicle or if it is sold, scrapped or exported.

How can I make SORN

You can apply online, by phone or post.

What happens after i make SORN?

Within 6 weeks of making SORN you will automatically get a vehicle tax refund for any full unused months that were remaining.

For SORN to be valid your vehicle must remain in the UK.